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     LOGISTICS CONSULTANTS for the major BBC documentary series                                     "BLIZZARD - RACE FOR THE POLE"                              

Welcome to Tangent Expeditions - the World's leading Greenland crossing expedition specialists for Greenland Ice Cap crossing expeditions. The ONLY dedicated Greenland ice cap expedition and journey website! 23 years of extensive and focussed Greenland expedition research, planning, guiding and expertise.

With unrivalled experience and meticulous attention to detail we offer both guided icecap crossings and specialist expedition logistics packages for independent groups. Our expertise covers all the main ice cap crossing routes and numerous new tours for the more adventurous. We are also the only Greenland expedition specialist offering ice cap crossings, journeys and expeditions to areas other than the standard Isortoq-Kangerlussuaq and Nansen routes.

Most expeditions cross the Greenland icecap from Isortoq to Kangerlussuaq for two simple reasons …. ease of access and price. To embark on such a major polar journey is indeed a privilege and a great achievement. We continue to support, guide and offer unbiased advice to all those who wish to take part in these expeditions. However there is much more to the Greenland ice cap than just one straight line route. There are numerous alternative routes across the glacier, with far more exciting starting points in remote and largely unclimbed mountains ranges further north and up the east coast. All are accessed by Tangent’s ski equipped Twin Otter aircraft with cost savings made possible by charter sharing or linking in with Tangent’s spring schedule of flights that serve the various mountain ranges of east Greenland. No other expedition company has the wealth of knowledge and network infrastructure to offer these facilities. This has allowed Tangent to make numerous world ‘firsts’ in Greenland ice cap crossings, journeys and expeditions over the last 20 years, which can be viewed on the website. We continue to make new route journeys every year. Remarkably we can offer these expeditions at the same price as our competitors are offering the standard route, despite the more complex and expensive logistics!

It is no exaggeration to say that Tangent has opened up and supported almost every new icecap journey expedition between the various mountain ranges in east Greenland over the past 10 years. Utilising the Twin Otter it has been possible to reach mountains and glaciers that no previous unsupported expedition has ever travelled through.  Having made many ice cap crossing journeys myself, and having travelled thousands of miles pulling pulk sledges, my clear conclusion is that the best possible journeys are those that combine the awesome beauty and isolation of the big icecaps with the immense and overwhelming wonder of untrodden glaciers amongst hundreds of beautiful virgin summits.  A journey from one mountain range to another, over the vast expanse of the icecap, is an experience beyond the imagination. Between myself, my guides and our loyal clients we have made many such journeys throughout east and northeast Greenland, often made the more sweet by a first ascent or two en route!

Tangent operates an extensive logistics platform in east Greenland, which also includes various aircraft, helicopter, snow mobile and dog sled options, to facilitate access to every conceivable region for the more discerning traveler. This experience has led Tangent to become the primary choice for large expeditions requiring complex logistics such TV companies wishing to film in and amongst the mountains, icecaps and glaciers of Greenland.

In 2005 we organised the logistics for the two Scott and Amundsen teams which spent 3 months traversing the icecap from south to north for the BBC six part documentary series “Blizzard – Race For The Pole”. We have worked with many military expeditions and were consultants and expedition organisers for the US Navy LA-9 crash investigation and recovery expedition to the Kronborg Glacier in 2004. We are currently working on co-ordinating the logistics, guiding and safety cover for the follow on 3 month expedition to Antarctica to recover the human remains of the servicemen killed in the Thurston Island George 1 disaster.

"I want to thank you and your company for organizing our Tangent Greenland Icecap Crossing. I cannot say anything else, but 'it was great!'. The planning was perfect, logistics excellent, equipment and food great, and last, but not least, the leadership, motivation and guidance of Mark was beyond fantastic, it was 'par excellence'! We could not have done it without Mark's moral and physical strength, patience, technical skills, and positive and encouraging attitude. We were very lucky to have him as our guide and leader. He knew exactly how to manage each of us psychologically and how to make sure that each of us contributes to the benefit of the mission to cross the icecap. I am still over there, on the icecap, and am having a difficult time to adjust to civilization. This, I believe, is a positive indication of how meaningful this journey was for me."

Juris Ulmanis
May 2009 crossing

Greenland icecap