Greenland icecap

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Greenland Icecap
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WED 30 APR  Fly from home country to Copenhagen, Denmark.

                      Overnight at Copenhagen airport hotel.

THU 01 MAY  Fly to Kangerlussuaq, west Greenland.

                      Vehicle transfer to guesthouse.

                      Locate freight and overnight at guesthouse.

Fri 02 MAY    Sort out equipment, food and freight. Pack for expedition.

                      Evening transport to start at Point 660m

SAT 03 MAY  Start journey. Day 1 of travel.


SUN 18 MAY  Arrive at highest point of icecap.

                     (Day 16 of travel).


SAT 31 MAY  Anticipated arrival at Isortoq finish point (Day 29)

                     Stay in basic accommodation.

SUN 01 JUN  Rest and packing up day.

MON 02 JUN  Helicopter flight to Tasiilaq.Hand over cargo to Air Greenland.

TUE 03 JUN   Helicopter transfer Tasiilaq to Kulusuk

    Fly Kulusuk to Reykjavik. Overnight at guesthouse.

WED 04 JUN  Fly Keflavik to home country. 


The above itinerary allows 28 days for the crossing itself plus 2 contingency days. This is a good compromise to allow maximum time to succeed with the journey. Shorter journey times have been achieved but these are normally with pairs and often using kites. We believe 28 days is the ideal duration for a guided team consisting of 4-6 people. A more detailed itinerary will be sent to all clients well before the start of the expedition.

Advertised dates are initially flexible so as to be arranged to best suit the group or first few people to book.

The itinerary must only be used as a rough outline of the schedule because weather and other factors in Greenland can change plans at short notice. It should be understood that the expedition could take longer than anticipated and all such related additional costs will be the client's responsibility.

Greenland icecap