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Greenland Icecap
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Expedition Firsts

Tangent Expeditions incorporate both expeditions led by Tangent guides and leaders and those of independent groups and associates. Between us we have made several hundred first ascents of previously unclimbed mountains in east Greenland. Paul Walker at Tangent Expeditions has organised, led, guided or advised on expeditions to all the mountain ranges listed on our website. We have also organised many icecap journey expeditions both over the icecap from east to west or over sections of the icecap in east Greenland, linking up mountain ranges. Many of these have been journeys which have never previously been made and not repeated since. By clicking on the links below you can view a list of 'firsts' made by Tangent expeditions or private groups advised by Tangent. Numerous new mountains and icecap journey routes are still waiting to be explored. Please contact Paul Walker if you would like to discuss options for your own proposed expedition.

Greenland Mountaineering and Ski Touring Firsts

Icecap Crossing Firsts

Greenland icecap