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Equipment Sales

We can provide highly competitive expedition rates on bulk orders of most items of expedition equipment, including more specialist items such as pulk sledges, skis, tents, EPIRB’s and VHF airband radios.

Please contact us for further details and prices.

We can also procure maps and aerial reconnaissance photographs of most mountain ranges in east Greenland.

We also recommended the following suppliers for your expedition kit purchases.

Adventure Peaks
101 Lake Rd
LA22 0DB
015394 33794

For clients booked onto an upcoming Tangent expedition discounts with the above retailers apply. Please log in to our Client area for further details.

For fur attachments onto cold weather clothing please contact

Angus Taylor
1a Peets Lane
01704 220 311


Secondhand Equipment Sales

We frequently get requests from clients about purchasing secondhand expedition gear. If you would like to sell any of your equipment or expedition clothing through the Tangent website please contact us and we will list it here and send out an email to our database.

Greenland icecap