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Suitable Foods

Food for Greenland expeditions will usually be best if supplied as dehydrated meals in which water is added to the packets. This would apply to breakfasts, evening meals and desserts. The menu is normally planned on a rolling 6 day rota so that there s plenty of variety. This is the case with all meals supplied by Tangent on our own guided expeditions. Our menus also include breakfast alternatives such as flap jack, fruit cake, malt loaf and breakfast bars to add variety. In this manner there is never any requirement to ‘cook’ as such and hence there are no pans to wash, saving time, fuel and weight in the process. Tangent meals are packed in to 1 or 2 person day packs for individual tents. Each day pack will contain all the necessary food for 1 full day. Drinks will be supplied separately in the form of tea, coffee, milk powder, hot chocolate, lemon tea, and specialist electrolyte sports drinks such as ‘GO’. Cup a soups will also be provided as part of the day packs. Lunches will primarily include items that require no cooking, such as biscuits, cheese, salami, Pringles, dried fruits, nuts, sweets and various chocolate bars. Clients on Tangent led expeditions will cook their own food in their own tent pairs, or individually if using their own one person tent. All food packaging is brought back out of the mountains for disposal.


Tangent can provide full contact details for various suppliers of suitable dehydrated meals for groups booking all inclusive logistics packages.

Calorific Value

Food packs for Tangent led mountaineering and ski touring expeditions will normally contain between 4000 and 4200 kcal depending on the time of year and anticipated tour and activity levels. For example groups carrying out multi day hauling of heavy pulks will have a higher calorific output than those operating out of a single base camp. Winter trips in February/March, and Greenland icecap crossing expeditions, will carry approximately 5000 kcal per day per person.


1 and 2 person ‘Day Packs’ are packaged into a single clear plastic bag. Once the contents have been removed and shared out the bag can then be used as a bin bag for the next few days.


For the majority of our expeditions the total packaged weight of the food and drinks is approximately 1.2kg per person. Fuel for the melting of snow for water is supplied on the basis of 0.4kg per tent pair per day, or 0.2kg per person per day. The total weight therefore of both food and fuel is approximately 1.4kg. For the icecap crossing this rises to 1.5kg for additional food and fuel.

Emergency Rations

During days out on the hill it is necessary for clients to carry enough food and liquid to allow for activity times of  up to 12 hours. Additional emergency rations should be carried to allow for extended periods away from camp if conditions and plans dictate longer than planned days. The exact amount is at the client’s discretion although it should be noted that occasionally we’ve had days last up to 24 hours.


For clients joining Tangent guided expeditions the food is included in the price. Independent groups who have booked an all inclusive logistics package will normally provide their own food as a means of reducing costs. If however such groups wish us to supply their food this can be done at a total cost of £30 per person per day. This includes the planning of the budget, the purchasing of the foodstuffs, fuel costs, packaging materials, packing labour charges and food import taxes. Food freight and transportation charges will also be included, as they would be anyway if  providing your own food as part of the inclusive package.

Greenland icecap