Greenland icecap

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Greenland Icecap
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Tangent has organised many expeditions for independent groups wishing to visit Greenland, for both mountaineering and ski touring and also for icecap crossings. These include east-west crossings using both the standard Isortoq-Kangerlussuaq route and Nansen's original route from Umivik to Nuuk.

We have also organised several expeditions which have made new ski journeys over sections of the icecap in east Greenland which link up remote and often unclimbed mountain ranges. These have been primarily in the icecap and mountain regions between Kulusuk and Scoresby Sund fjord at N71 degrees latitude.

In 2007 we organised icecap journeys as far north as Dronning Louise Land at N76 degrees as part of three expeditions training in a combination of skills for kite skiing, South Pole journeys and wind assisted ice buggy kite training! All were hugely successful.

We particularly found Dronning Louise Land to be ideal for recreating true polar conditions reminiscent of Antarctica, with a very dry climate with little precipitation and constant cold winds off the icecap.

In 2008 we shall be offering yet another new icecap route from Paul Stern Land to the Watkins Mountains, culminating in the option of making a rare ascent of Gunnbjørnsfjeld 3693m, the highest mountain in the Arctic (non-technical peak).

We are the only company in the world constantly opening up new icecap crossing routes every year by using our Twin Otter ski plane for access to extremely remote new areas previously unvisited by exploration groups.

Greenland icecap