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Medical Provision

Tangent led expeditions more than 3 hours snowmobile drive from Constable Point airport, or more than 15 minutes helicopter flight, carry a full and comprehensive expedition medical kit including, when practical, IV fluids and injection drugs designed for prolonged expeditions in remote areas where immediate medical help is not available. They include a range of anti-biotics and a full range of standard first aid provisions.

All expedition leaders hold qualifications in First Aid At Work and Mountain First Aid, with many holding more advanced qualifications such as Advanced Medicine For Remote Foreign Travel* and Advanced Life Support. Many of our expeditions also include a qualified doctor, paramedic or nurse. Each expedition will also carry a Mountain First Aid kit. Content details for both the Base Camp Medical kit and Mountain First Aid Kit are available to booked clients on the Client Log In pages of our website (restricted access).

Tangent Expeditions procures the ongoing services and experience of Dr Jon Dallimore and Barry Roberts (Business Manager) of Wilderness Medical Training as medical advisers and consultants who provide on-going training, advice and courses for Tangent leaders and clients. If you would like to know more about Wilderness Medical Training and the courses they run please click here.

During our expeditions the groups will have access to a Mountain First Aid Kit whilst away from base camp, and the more comprehensive Base Camp Medical Kit when back in base camp. Some of our more extreme winter expeditions or lightweight expeditions will not always carry fluids or injection drugs due to the extreme cold that would freeze most such drugs and render them unusable. If you have any concerns over what drugs may or may not be carried during your expedition, please contact our office prior to booking.

Expedition groups will also carry a satellite telephone to allow round the clock access to the emergency services, insurance companies, Dr Jon Dallimore of Wilderness Medical Training, and medical advice and consultancy provided by your own travel insurance company.

Our expeditions to the Watkins Mountains of east Greenland include flying in direct to a base camp at 2200-2300m above sea level. The peaks climbed in this area range from 2500-3700m and such ascents can cause mild to moderate altitude sickness. Tangent leaders and guides are trained to look out for the onset of such conditions, but if visiting this area we recommend that you make yourself familiar with the signs and symptoms of altitude sickness, along with preventative measures. A good reference source is the Medex website at  where a free booklet is available entitled "Travel At High Altitude". It can also be downloaded from the link below.

Click Here to download the booklet  "Travel At High Altitude"


Greenland icecap